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Teejan Equipment LLC is the authorized forklift dealer in Oman (Muscat, Sohar, Nizwa, Salalah, Duqm) from Lonking with Japanese Engine. Teejan Equipment keeps stock of Forklift spare parts and provides Fork Lift service to its clients in Oman. Teejan Equipment has a strong service team to cater to any kind of after-sales service requirement to satisfy customers in Oman.

Lonking is the leading manufacturer of forklifts, wheel loaders, hydraulic excavators, road rollers, motor graders, and skid steer loaders. Lonking develops four product ranges: Fork lifts, Wheel loaders, excavators, and road machinery, among which they sum over 500 products. Their quality is within an advanced level according to the international standards. The company also develops and produces core components, including gearboxes, torque converters, axles, hydraulic components, gear pipes, and driver shafts among others. Due to the strong R&D, testing, and production capacities of its subsidiaries, Lonking can full fill customers’ expectations of parts quality and availability.

Lonking internal combustion fork lifts feature strong power and superior performance with an advanced agronomical design. Their excellent load sensing hydraulic steering systems make steering smooth and light, positioning fast and secure, and energy-efficient. Designed with ingenuity down to the last detail, Lonking forklifts look aesthetic. Their cascading upper and lower covers help make the forklifts waterproof, dustproof and noise-proof. Large operation space & its double suspended structure improves the operation comfort for drivers.

Lonking fork lifts have a see-through wide view mast and excellent FOV. The vibration and noise of the whole vehicle are greatly reduced. The application of semi-enclosed seats, small-diameter steering wheel, and dashboard rocker switch, and the right-hand design of valve operation makes operation more convenient and easier. According to the weather of Oman, Lonking produces forklifts with double air filter for better air filtration & safeguard the engine from the dusty working conditions. The copper radiator is optional which is better than aluminum because Oman is a hot country. They use the best robot welding machine to weld the metal parts together.

Lonking expands its range portfolio of fork lifts, from LG series IC engine machines to Electrical machines and from 1 ton to 25 tons, specific to different customer needs. They are versatile and widely used in different operating conditions to meet individual needs from different industries. They are the first choice of users in China or even all over the world.

As of 2017, Lonking sold around 45000 units of fork lift trucks including domestic and overseas markets. Starting the forklift production in 2005, it means in just around 12 years, Lonking is among the top 3 forklift manufacturers in China and the 15th in the world. The progress is just because of 3 factors – @Quality @Policy @Workmanship..!!!

Teejan Equipment authorized dealer of Lonking fork lifts is always ready to serve you!

Key components on standard equipment:

• Imported Japanese Diesel Engine (Mitsubishi, Isuzu)
• Electronic Transmission
• Full-hydraulic Power Steering
• Automatic Side Shift
• Double Air Filter
• Suspension Seat
• Wide Field Mast
• Backrest
• Standard Forks
• Overhead Guard
• Key Shutoff Device
• Neutral Position Switch
• Working Hour Meter
• Water-thermometer
• Oil Pressure Warning
• Adjustable Steering Column
• Lifting and Tilting Joysticks
• Reversing Buzzer
• Electric Horn
• Tool Box

Unique features:

  • Attractive Appearance
    Vehicle appearance is designed by professional industrial design methods. Artistic and Strengthful. Smooth and novel styling, balance weight with car design elements, strong personality, and dynamic.
  • Lowering Energy Consumption
    Optimized design of load sensing hydraulic system reduces vehicle fuel consumption effectively.
  • Convenient Maintenance
    Interior space of car body is more spacious Parts Positions are more reasonable. Maintainability of the machine is better
  • Operating Comfort
    Adopted interactive ergonomic design to improve operating comfort. Equipped with a wide field of view mast to improve the driver’s field of view. The short diameter steering wheel and right-hand joysticks reduce the operator’s arm fatigue. Sinking designed tilting cylinders increase the operator’s foot space
  • Sensitive and stable
    Integral steering device, more sensitive directivity, smooth operation, more stable quality.
  • Strong Stability
    Integral type axle & gear box and short front overhang improve vehicle longitudinal stability.
  • High Reliability & Safety
    A high-strength integral hood and one-body impact molding overhead guard. The strength of the core structural parts of the car body, mast, and hood has been enhanced greatly to make the whole vehicle more solid
  • Good Heat Dissipation
    The cooling system is reasonably optimized, which improves cooling performance significantly. Thus improving reliability and durability of key components such as gearbox and engine.

Lonking Fork lift with Japanese Engine in Oman

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