Messersi is the leading manufactures of packaging machines such as strapping machines, wrapping machines, shrink wrapping machines and hooding machines. Messersi Packaging provides complete solutions for all types of packaging lines. The company also develops and produces there own core components, including strapping heads, rotating tables, frames etc. Messersi packaging machines are used by major line manufacturers of various production lines. 

Teejan Equipment is the authorized packaging machines dealer in Oman from Messersi-Italy. Teejan Equipment keeps stock of manual and semi-automatic packaging machines along with the stock of strap bands. Teejan provides spare parts and service to exisitng packaging lines clients in Oman. Teejan Equipment has strong service team to cater any kind of after sales service requirements to satify customers in Oman.


The automatic hooding machine packs palletized products using tubular stretch film without heating process. Hooding machines protect the package with stretch film, hood stabilize and make it waterproof, damp proof and dust proof. Stability is guaranteed by the elasticity of the film which makes this type of packaging the best solution for stabilizing and handling particularly unstable loads.

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