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Tower Lights

Teejan Equipments LLC proudly introduces Pramac – Italy Towerlights for various industries like Roads & Construction, Oil & Gas, etc. Not just another light tower, Pramac Light Towers use state-of-the-art technology to achieve the most efficient illumination, shining a uniform light pattern across the entire job site. Other advancements include a choice of low-speed engines that provide trouble-free diesel performance and greater longevity and unsurpassed engine accessibility via a maintenance panel that lifts completely out of the way. Pramac has a wide range of tower lights including metal Halide, Halogen Lamp, Solar Towerlights, LED Towerlights, Portable Towerlights, etc.

About Pramac

PRAMAC’s history begins in 1966 when the Campinoti family founded L’Europea, a construction equipment company focused mainly on the Italian market.

Pramac plays the role of the leading actors in the industry by combining performance and reliability, expanding and diversifying its product offer to keep pace with the times and meet the new requirements. In order to strengthen and develop its presence on the market, PRAMAC produces, develops, and markets around the world, highly diversified product lines, which are due to two business priorities: handling equipment and electrical power generators. To this was then added special after-sales customer support that Pramac offers great efficiency and reliability.

PRAMAC can serve the Oil&GAS market offering durable and reliable Tower lights & power generators that can stand up to tough operating environments. We help you install, set-up the generator, testing it to ensure everything is working properly and we assure ongoing maintenance and support.

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